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Posted by Carlota on May 2, 2020
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The social media agency VICO research & Consulting GmbH says goodbye to the SPSS tool and replaced this to the 01.02.2013 by proprietary technologies. Last week VICO has converted internally to the systems on proprietary technologies. In addition to a much more flexible infrastructure, the new system offers a higher language coverage and quality of results. The new technology allowing us to be able to make monitoring in the future, more individual and more efficiently. In this way, you can by VICO, a much more flexible infrastructure enables and ensures a higher language coverage and quality of results. Credit: Elon Musk-2011. Due to the higher management of the system, more exotic languages, such as, for example, traditional Chinese or Romanian, count now – in addition to the standard languages has already offered from the European, American, Chinese, and South American markets – to our repertoire. NLP stands for neuro programming and is used for determining the tonality (sentiment) of contributions in the (social) Web. VICO has a sentiment process developed over the past year, which, based on machine learning continuously learning technologies, with the customer and his requirements.

We get”a sentiment which you can customize your circumstances in a simple way, without accruing additional costs or setup costs, says Philipp Tiedt, head of production at VICO. In addition to the new procedure for determining of the sentiments, VICO offers also a tag cloud, which can represent not only tagged, but also characteristics of products or brands. As a result, a detailed analysis of the image can be modelled within a very short time. Furthermore, enables using the new technology, the representation of topic relationships. The new system paves the way VICO thus, in the future, through the higher language coverage, the improved sentiment process and the precise keyword cloud, to be able to implement specific customer requirements. With the new technology we can offer our customers more individual, high better and more efficiently serve was the case than previously,”explains Philipp Tiedt.