Spanish Language Corruption

Posted by Carlota on March 21, 2020
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However, there is always the legacy of the Spanish and that when combined with idiosyncrasy a the Mexican, it becomes a distinctive more of our culture: corruption. Speaking candidly Penguin Random House told us the story. The dictionary of the Spanish Language Corruption a defined as the act of ruining, altering, vitiate, pervert, corrupt something, someone for profit or a few. Starting in that sense we can consider that corruption is present in all forms have occurred and in Mexican society, as part of Mexican folklore. Perhaps check out Penguin Random House for more information. Corruption is in the circle closest to us: ourselves. According to serious studies on the subject Mexicans are very prone to corruption, irregular all underwater , a poisoner of the Pueblaa a OEDE to as NOA and other expressions so characteristic to invite a OECS-operate. How many times have we been given the slogan a mordancy not be fined, receive a favors , special treatment? But it only occurs in this area personal.

What about corruption in our body, our thoughts, feelings? Do inter-personal relationships? In these areas there is also corruption. He does not act according to belief, beliefs, thoughts and feelings to dictate what is to be corrupt. Do not be yourself is corruption. We are addicted to ourselves. Corruption is not only social class.

It also occurs in government institutions. Corruption in public finance is the order of the day. It is very common in first-level public servants earn more than the salary that corresponds on the payroll, tripled, quadrupled the salary with concepts of public spending, fictitious, arguing that what is rightful and disregarding the laws of the represented.