State Form

Posted by Carlota on June 8, 2020
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Therefore of this form the situation power tries to play if to harmonize with excessively in homeopticas doses of being able> reciprocal. This being evaluated in a perspective of being able to the bias of the State, but that of certain form in very it is adjusted to other institutions of being able. However it must be clearly that nor always all institutions of being able of a society live in perfect harmony, if thus we affirmed, we seriamos ingenuous. The proper existence of institutions of kidnapping, or to discipline, test as the power is disharmonous, and until necessary of the force legitimizing itself, even so we think that this is imposition. Of this form we can analyze as the weapon of the speech to make is important to be valid and to legitimize certain measured and institutions inside of our society. Since the speech is flexible in its agreement, to the times plastered in its uprising. That is, the speech intends to show something that in the reality is well different, and that, however, the communication tools many times (…) the speech is not simply what it translates the fights or the systems of domination, but that why, for what fight, the power of which we want in them to take possetion . (Foucault, 1996, pg.10).

The manipulation of the power happens, mainly with them to be able politicians, through the speeches that if want that the population has accepted as absolute truths. Or of another form with the speech for one given world-wide reality so that thus conforming in them with ours. This happens very with the cases of violence for firearm in the United States, with students in schools. The comparison is grotesca, the speech that if pronounces, seems to want to justify that a country also developed suffers with the violence, while our reality in Brazil is well different.