Posted by Carlota on February 17, 2014
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On April 14, 2007 starts SuperVolei, a new South-Central League for all teams competing, organized by AVOLCO. Is this, Avolco involving several teams, but also strong teams in southern Chile. Competition is with round matches, ie home and away. The clubs with players in the National Teams Adults, will not have these athletes. In Manquehue, this affects us strongly in the men’s division (4 players), however, we believe that a mixture of young talents and experienced some old standards allow us to position ourselves within the first 4. Our ladies are essentially a young and promising but inexperienced team against a lot of shooting and craft. However, if you show discipline and claw you’re sure to also attain a leading position. The first 4 of the first phase which ends in late May, qualify for the decisive, to be played in October / November with foreign teams, after the conclusion of Adult South American here in Chile, both to be held during September 2007. . Check the schedule on our website: / voleybol.htm If you are looking for different results, do not do the same thing.