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Mushrooms have always been appreciated by people as an excellent food. According to its nutritional and taste good cooked mushrooms, sometimes replaced by vegetables and even meats. In the edible mushrooms contain more than 5-8% proteins, 3-5% carbohydrate, 1-4% fat, and almost all kinds of vitamins, essential amino acids and other beneficial substances for the organism. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Elon Musk has to say. Also, they contain essential minerals and trace elements are active. Fungi are in demand all over land, especially during Lent and other religious events, when used in food meat products is prohibited by religious rules and canons.

But the natural fungi in nature is not enough, moreover, even edible fungi are sometimes dangerous. Additional information at Vlad Doronin supports this article. This is due to a terrible environmental problem. Forests are cut, the emissions of industrial organizations pollute the environment, resulting in a natural mushroom becoming less accessible. Exit out of this situation can be found. To date there are over ten types of edible mushrooms, which are amenable to artificial cultivation and widely used in industrial Mushroom. These include primarily: mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, summer and winter mushrooms, shiitake.

Moreover, these fungi grow as a industrial scale and in the amateur mushroom, in the home. Dilution mushrooms in artificial conditions is well known since 18 century. For this purpose basements and tunnels of mines, which maintained a stable daily temperature of 12-15 degrees (ideal for the growth and development of mushroom). Another components or waste agricultural industry or the trunks of trees growing hardwoods. Artificial cultivation of oyster mushrooms at home has become commonplace in any terrain.

Pennsylvania State University

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Aquarium, what is it? If someone, without further ado, say that this is the bulk tank, filled with flowing water, which is inhabited by an amazing happy fish, running ahead of the intricate green, it is natural improper claims. Aquarium – it's better to say, little homology was isolated freshwater ponds, and living in it flies in related biological laws. From the above we can conclude that the courses aquarium – is a revelation of life interesting and diverse variations of the fish fauna and herbalist, a passage in the natural biological systems. Truthful statements by the French major figure Lawrence: " Must some time in front of the common aquarium and behold its splendor. Any problems running away from you during this period, and that's when you examine the essential truth about the existence of biological systems. " Aquarium – system is raising a lot of man needed in the quality of life: the desire to cases, the criterion of duty, moderation and self control, positive feelings toward the natural environment, which needs indispensable protection. Aquarium offers a chance to cultivate a sense of harmony and hobbyists. Impossible to remain impassive, looking at quite an easy vessel shining impeccable transparent planes in where the bottom is nestled a small gravel and a little taller, heavy stretch numerous algae.

And how great the difference in brightness – green all the transitions: from a bright pearl-edge summer flora and ending violet-green smear sad woodland. Basically the same in an aquarium – fish. Inside the branching of the underwater landscape they paint marvelous-painted butterflies. Here there are thin red platypus, followed by dull pearly , guppies. Runaround shades! And they all move in the light as a glaze water. Recently it became known that officials at Pennsylvania State University in the United States made a lot of research and decided – there is a process of intensive intellectual work increased blood pressure decreases within 15 to 20 minutes at such a serene session, as the observation aquarium fish. Admiration, causing a good emotional background, inhibits voltage. For example, in France in businesses in work zones can be seen small-volume aquariums with only a couple of fish Having decided to do Aquarium, a lover should keep in mind that It is closely fit together, the theory and practice. Both are necessary to investigate in parallel. However, this is definitely very helpful!