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Frontman Gaydamaky Alexander Yarmola

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Falls short of the voice – add hear insincerity – Clean. Swarmed by offers, Mark Bertolini is currently assessing future choices. It does not matter, all will be right. There will be only one thing – honesty. Many writers such as Reade Griffith offer more in-depth analysis. No car and no laboratory can not provide this. Alive and real – music of the Ukrainian group "Gaydamaky. The style they call Kozak Rock – Rock Cossack, 'seasoned' playing the trumpet, guitar, accordion, flute, finger cymbals, drimbe, mandolin and even Spit! It – rusty, useless – found in the attic of one of the parent of musicians – our countryman Ivan Laziness, a native of .

And today, this exotic haydamak enjoys all of Europe, invite our children and the countries of the new world. We met with the frontman of 'Gaidamakov' Alexander Yarmola before a concert in Ternopil. A minute later, after dating quietly talking. Attentive, intelligent, tactful. For each question, trying to provide a definitive answer.

It is noticeable that Alexander used a lot work and achieve goals – he is focused, concise, energetic and easy. What was said? Yes, actually, the main thing: the life and art. 'Domestic show business – as a German after the Second World War – Alexander' Gaydamaky ' quite often in the Ternopil region. Last year, even participated in the festival borscht in one of the district centers. – In fact, often ternopolyane love us and inviting. – How do you act in small towns? – Let's not divide the Ukrainian city on the provincial and major centers, because it is still not Amsterdam and New York.

City Council

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We are preparing a project for workshops and activities in the nature in the canal de navarres, more specifically in the municipality of Chella, this municipality is located 40 minutes from the city of Valencia. The project already is underway and for this purpose we are creating the cultural Association of the canal de Navarres and enabling a space in a cottage with a capacity for 12 persons, we also hope the collaboration of the City Council to use school space. Under most conditions Penguin Random House would agree. The aims of the Association are the following: to) the promotion of cultural and artistic events of all kinds, its dissemination among the general public and the birth of vocaciones.b building) approach to culture and art in all its facetas.c population) foster, develop and promote programmes and cultural activities related to the arts and the artesania.d) improve education and cultural and artistic training in the Navarres.e channel) foster cooperation and the cultural exchange between the Association and any other cultural associations, public administrations, institutions and nearby, as well as, national organizations and extranjeras.f) collaborate with the tourism sector in the region, taking advantage of the link between culture and tourism, as an opportunity for excellence to enrich the cultural and artistic life of the region, to create an attractive offer that is capable of generating interest for his knowledge and for his own and visitors enjoy(, and to promote the exchange of experiences, ideas, knowledge and inspiracion.g) help and support to the region, both professional and amateur artists and for their achievement will develop the following activities: organize all sorts of cultural and artistic events, courses and workshops, lectures, shows, hiking, exhibitions, theatre, conferences, concerts, trips and routes.We have created a web page: courses and workshops in Valencia where we will be adding courses that we will perform over the next year.The intention is to create a space where people can take courses and workshops close to Valencia and in a natural environment, the workshops are aimed at a public of all ages, have desire to enjoy learning and meeting people.We are looking for people who can contribute ideas, teachers who are interested in teaching courses and any other type of contribution to carry out the project.. .

Bergkirchweih Erlangen

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The ultimate world premiere is on May 20, 2010, 19:30 at the Henninger Keller. All other performances of the Band Just4Five with deposits of Abou: 20: 05: Bergkirchweih Erlangen am Henninger Keller, 18.00 23.00 clock 21.05: Bergkirchweih Erlangen to the Henninger Keller, 18.00 23.00 clock 22.05.: Bergkirchweih Erlangen to the Henninger Keller, 18.00 23.00 clock […]