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National Transitional Council

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Tripoli suffers from lack of electricity, water and gasoline. Attempts to recover the capital normal life, strongly affected by the confrontations of these two weeks. On Thursday, the international community approved the release of $ 15 billion in funds frozen at the Gaddafi regime. Hemmed by the lack of electricity, water and fuel in large parts of the capital, the National Transitional Council (CNT) Libyan has pumped hundreds of millions of dinars in asset’scarryingamount into the economy to try to regain the rhythm of life in the capital. This was revealed by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of petroleum, Ali Tarhouni, who explained that the money comes from funds of the ancien regime thawed by countries such as Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. The goal is to pay wages and provide soft loans to traders that can fill their warehouses and stores, and that economic activity thus return to the streets of the country. Already more than 100 million dollars have been delivered to the National Bank, that changed to dinars to help traders, explained. On Thursday, at a Conference in Paris, the international community approved the release of $ 15 billion in funds frozen at the Gaddafi regime to facilitate the transition in Libya.

Representatives of the CNT in Tripoli noted that another large part of those unlocked funds will go to the purchase of gasoline and other fossil fuels, main lack of an oil-rich country. The lack of gasoline in pumping stations is the reason the running water is a luxury for much of capital households, where even Queen despite deficiencies happiness and optimism. Yes, it’s uncomfortable not having water and having to do hours of queue to buy gasoline. But it was worse before, even we couldn’t talk, explains with a broad smile Hamid Waladani, an employee of 32 years banking. Married and with two children of seven and five years old, this Saturday is shown exultant because it found eggs, freshly baked bread and fresh fish in the vicinity of the port of Tripoli.


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Begins dismantling in Granada outraged Assembly that remain from the past on May 17 at the Plaza del Carmen of Granada have approved a plan to raise camping expiring next Saturday with a symbolic ceremony coinciding with the Constitution of Councils. The dismantling of the camp will begin on Thursday at the end of the demonstration at 19.00 hours to express their most energetic rejection before the labor reform that the Government will approve on Friday by decree law and that will weaken collective bargaining. In Malaga will remain until the 20 th movement 15-M in Malaga has decided, after a general Assembly, that it will no longer spend the night in the Plaza of the Constitution on June 20, once held the demonstration called for the 19 If and when the conditions are favourable, according to a statement from the organization. This decision shall be revocable if State or local circumstances so require, as reported by the Organization and you have specified that the group will join the State concentration during the inauguration of the municipal charges in Malaga. The protest will depart from the Plaza de la Constitucion at 10 a.m. June 11 hours until arriving at the Town Hall of the capital and during this March will develop various peaceful actions in accordance with the philosophy of the movement. Also, the Group has taken the determination of support Fuengirola co-workers in a protest convened at the Plaza of the Constitution of this municipality the 10th at 7 p.m. hours, before the blockade of the police in the development of their activities. If the situation continues locked in Fuengirola, the protest until the Dnsor of the people, would rise as pointed out the organization. Source of the news: camping still raising several Spanish cities