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Using Wide-angle Lens

Posted by Carlota on December 15, 2012 with Comments Closed
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The advantages of using wide-angle lens: the lens so you can include a snapshot of objects from the foreground and emphasize the distance to distant objects. Of all types of lenses have wide- the smallest focal length (in the Soviet literature on photography it is called a short focal length lens), but they also have a very wide angle of view. In a shot taken in such a lens will be included more subjects for example, than with conventional lenses. When you can use a wide angle lens? Some examples of its use are pretty obvious. This lens helps to capture the space to shoot limited. Not having enough space, you can not move away, so that the picture got all the items you want to remove. When you shoot all the relatives of a Christmas table or a new sport car on a crowded auto show, without a wide angle lens is necessary.

This lens is a good assistant, and for shooting outdoors, for example, photographing on narrow or crowded city street markets. Such a lens You will need, and if between you and your subject is blanket review of this subject, then you can bypass the obstacle, to get closer to your subject, and only with a wide-angle lens to remove him as for any other lens will not have enough range to shoot. You can use this lens for artistic photography, for example, in nature to give a snapshot of mystery due to distortion. When photographing people, portraits of wide-angle lens to be careful. Becomes distorted images, especially at the edges, which may adversely affect the result of the shooting – photos or require special further processing in spets.programmah.Kogda you shoot landscape, your image can look quite empty and not provide the expected impact. This is explained by the fact that even objects on the average distance can look in the frame with small and insignificant. After removing the object in the foreground, you can add a sense of depth, which in turn will increase if you use the guide lines that can take away look in the back of the stage.