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Paragraphs, objectives, content and enforcement clauses of this lower tax regime regulating dog 1884 is a quite historically relevant standards in the area of control and taxation and was created at the end of the 19 century in lower Austria, Austria. Through the analysis and review of the paragraphs, objectives, content and enforcement clauses of the wine-growing loan Act the substantive and procedural content is discusses in the sense of a legal fact research here now in detail. The tax and revenue law, but also the right of promotion for individual products already had its beginnings in the province of lower Austria at this late stage of the monarchy. In the Republican lower Austria from 1919 a slew of tax and tax law legislation was but then also adopted and thus inserted in the rule of law. In this context, as the is to call revelry levy Act 1919 or 1920 advertisement tax law and just the tourism levy Act 1920. The by-laws of regulating dog 1884 the by-laws to regulate dog 1884 comprised a total of 9 digits to appropriately regulate this issue. It is in the scale of standards in the category of low -Dichte(<10 ) to classify. A medium -Dichte(>10<50 ) and a high of are Dichte(>50) of night duty in 1923 not to apply.

“The goals of the by-laws of regulating dog 1884 as in 1884 became targets of by-laws regulating dog in the introduction the approval to levy a tax, i.e. in this case she was Edition”, set on the ownership of dogs. The content of by-laws regulating dog 1884 were called the corresponding municipalities in detail in paragraphs 1 to 9 of the by-laws regulating dog 1884, that this proclamation had to apply. The enforcement clause of the by-laws of regulating dog 1884 with the enforcement of by-laws regulating dog 1884 the mentioned municipalities were charged.