The Other

Posted by Carlota on March 30, 2014
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-Because you have needs and problems that you cannot solve or with listening active or ignoring them. It is necessary to take an active part, ensure that your problems are resolved and needs are met. -Because messages I promote or facilitate the provision to change in our interlecutor to not damage the relationship-because you become a competent model – be positive and recompensante:e the ability to encourage and animate. Encouraging and showing positive results we get that people repeat behaviors that have given rise to that response. why and for what?:-turns you into a meaningful and trustworthy person. -Influyes instead of another / to and reduces resistance. -You become a way to imitate. -You rise your self-esteem and others.

-Because you contrarrestas the tendency to focus on negative aspects and put highlight their strong points.-increase your motivation for change. How?: – managing something rewarding once a desired behavior has occurred-the most economical resource is the recognition, honest praise. When?:-when we want to develop habits and customs. -When we wish to inform and guide us / to partner/about the things that we like their behaviour. -When wanting to generate positive emotions. -When wanting to create a climate favourable to negotiation and change. -Say no: say ‘NO’, can be enormously difficult.

There are many and very varied reasons why it is so complicated. Some people simply like pleasing others and they think that saying ‘NO’ would be an untimely response. Others are afraid of the aggressive reaction to the ‘NO’ could cause. On the other hand, some people do not stop to think or are realistic about what they are able to meet. Whatever the reason, many people say ‘NO’ it is impossible. If the first reaction of someone is ‘NO’, i.e. important stop to think why you want to say ‘NO’. If you think it is the appropriate response, should seek the formula say it as directly as possible, without giving excuses or riding with rodeos, or offer explanations endless.