Posted by Carlota on March 9, 2020
in News

How to work effectively with the press? Consider the basic ways of working with press, which can use the company acting in b-to-b, as well as opportunities to increase their effectiveness. 1. News coverage of the company and the most important events of its practice of this method is suitable for all Media, with the exception of the latter kind (advertising), because in this case we are talking about the campaign. It should be understood that each media has its own informational reasons, the media in the system marketing communications in b-to-b dependent, primarily on the size and theme events, compliance with which could serve as a key to a successful placement information. This is especially important for companies that known only in his professional circle, but it would leave ua wider audience.

Of course, the larger event, the better. For example, information about opening a plant for production of aluminum or glass containers or car windows gladly cover the business and socio-political federal media, not to mention professional. But the regional only be activated in those areas that this event directly affected. In this case, we note that the information should be submitted at different angles to different types of print media. For example, business publications will be interesting to the shareholders and the economic forecasts public policy – the way the construction of the plant will affect the socio-economic situation in general and professional publications will write in detail about the technical characteristics of products. All of this for the preparation of materials and press events.