Your Glass Is Half Full Or Half Empty

Posted by Carlota on July 10, 2019
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Life is full of customs and one of them is to see the cup half full or half empty. What does this mean? very simple, when you go through life seeing what you lack, looking for errors in people that want you and you want, when you focus you on what you are missing and not in what you’ve already achieved, your life is simply a hell of unhappiness and what more sad case do you life to pictures to those who you have beside you. However when you’ve been fortunate to get to see your half full Cup, enjoy what you have, grateful favors that make you, you live in a State of contentment with yourself and with others, say that this way of perceiving the world allows you to live full and not in shortage.Programming Neurolinguistics speaks redefine situations, using the power of words, when constantly to your brain these texting lack something, it is not enough, never, never! your Cup going to see always half full, half empty veras.However when you bless the things you have, the people that make an effort to help you, when you choose, listen to me well, you choose, i.e. you decide to see your half full Cup, the household goods that you send to your brain expand you your vision, and you live in a world more friendly and pleasant. The other way are thinking all the time that others are cheating you, others are abusing you, no one treats you well, etc, etcLo most sad of this bad habit of seeing with your eyes the cup half empty is that never is enough, in Taoism, there is a sentence which says that when we do not know that it is enough we are in trouble thats what happens with this bad habit, and I invite you observe you and Gilles yourself when these fall into this error, especially with loved ones, there is nothing more devastating in family relations between parents and children, between husband and wife, between you and your friends, between you and persons that housewives who criticizes it, comparison, and inability to appreciate the Cup that unites them half full and not half empty.Reflects, perhaps you are committing this error with someone that is very dear and even you realize, but the damage that this can cause to the life of the one you love probably are irreversible, at least for a considerable time, but for a lifetime.Redefines your situations, if you’re not in the ability to do it for you same seeking help, ask the Holy Spirit to make you see things in a different way, from a different perspective, a perspective more compassionate to the end yourself you those doing much damage with this bad attitude, and probably you’re doing is unconsciously people who live every day with you.Just for today we celebrate have in our hands a cup half full of life that God has served on silver platter, celebrate with your children, celebrated with friends, celebrate with your co-workers, is that with his example opens horizons between the brothers, to a form of coexistence more loving, more compassionate, less violent. Me I’d love to know your opinion about this topic of discussion, through this link you can participate: GraciasMARIA TIRONEEconomistEspecialista in management of the HumanosCoaching resources to manage strategically life can enter the Group of prosperity: living in abundance through this link: original author and source of the article.