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Although this, did not get success in the scope of the central bureaucratic administration, making possible coexistence of islands of efficiency and ability in the indirect administration and of nuclei of direct inefficiency in or the central one. In the decade of 70, with the creation of the Secretariat of Modernizao (SEMOR), and at the beginning of years 80, with the creation of the National Program of Desburocratizao (PrND), reforms of the bureaucracy had been assayed the point to guide it na direction of the managemental public administration, by means of the agilizao of the state organizations, the decentralization of the authority, the improvement and simplification of the administrative proceedings and the promotion of the efficiency. With the redemocratizao, in middle of the years 80, all these efforts guided for the modernization of the bureaucratic administration had been left of side and the considered parties victorious had carried through new populist politics of distribution of public offices. In 1988, the Constituent National Assembly, aiming at to restrain the proliferation of such practical, it promoted a great engessamento of the state device for intermediary of the new Federal Constitution. From 1994 it only is that the speech of administrative reform assumes new dimension and introduces the perspective of organizacional and cultural change of the public administration in the managemental direction. 1.3? Managemental Public administration the former-minister of the Administration Federal and the Reformation of the State during period 1995/1998, Luiz Carlos Bresser Pear tree (1998) tells that the Managemental Public Administration appeared in the second half of century XX as a reaction to the magnifying of the economic and social functions of the State and to the technological development and the globalization of the world-wide economy. The reform of the state device passed to be guided by the values of the efficiency and quality in the public rendering of services and by the sprouting of a managemental culture in the organizations. .