Clarice Lispector

Posted by Carlota on December 25, 2012
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During this only day, it revive some periods of training of its life. When child playing next to the sea. Before its marriage, when if she felt exempts to have amused thoughts, exactly that today she considers them fteis. the twelve years, converted into centuries of tolhidos.depois feelings of the three first hours of escape, section started to feel itself exempts, but the fear and the weight of the past still persisted. a still unknown future. The escape for Elvira had an adventure flavor, wanted to get rid itself of the sensation of not? belonging and inadequao in that routine and empty life, of the environment of patriarcal oppression.

When it deviates its attention for the sea seems to try to unmask the mystery of its proper life, searching the reorganization of its proper one to be. Elvira is a woman, in same search of itself, runs for the freedom, tries to win the limits that it are tax, but soon perceives that it does not have so bigger forces against something then continues feeling itself imprisoned, then returns to the isolation in its interior world, where it is only possible to dream something beyond those imaginary walls arrests that it has twelve years, It return for house, it cries, and it is perceived without the domain of its life, of its future that have left inside silence of it of the night, in that ship that if moves away each time more. The story presents critical and a warning on the life of the woman who lives only to the domestic universe, forgetting its dreams, desires and accepting the life passively to pass. ' ' I write without hope of that what I write he modifies any thing. He does not modify in nothing Because in the deep a people she is not wanting to modify the things. People are wanting to unclasp in a way or another one ' ' Clarice Lispector