Posted by Carlota on June 10, 2020
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All aim at basically not only the increase of the production but, also, the maintenance of it to survive in a competitive market. The constant innovations and improvements in the productivity are the motor force in the change for new economies. Read more here: Prudential. If not forgetting it more important factor the production, the human being. 2. Methodology for taking of decision Beyond the armory of techniques that already we use, will be that we really need more? Answering with the evidences of the current reality of the organizations still today, in the great majority of the companies who project and manufacture manufactured products, we find these symptoms: ) In the development phase, we pass some cycles deciding problems that appear in the final stages of validation of the product, what it delays the launching, beyond increasing the cost; b) In the manufacture phase, new problems appear to the times in amenas conditions of what the tested ones in laboratory. still superficially, backslides some problems that we thought to have been decided; c) In the use phase, one has left of those problems if manifest, causing insatisfao of the customers and increase of the guarantee cost.

The simple fact of that such problems are chronic in some industries already is an accurate demonstration of that the traditional style to decide engineering problems is not enough efficient to face the involved complexity in the products and processes of the present time. Therefore, we need more efficient tools to support the industrial process of development of new products and processes. why such problems happen? The truth is that simple products or processes do not exist. Exactly a so trivial product how much a screw possesss a sufficiently great number of involved 0 variable in the project and the process of manufacture. 2,1 Culture for solution of problems is known that each country, or each culture, has a different form of decision, very accepted and spread out in the customs of each nation.