Different Names Interestingly

Posted by Carlota on May 8, 2020
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After all, if the same be, both should have exactly the same personality, the same mind, the same characteristics and attributes. Completely Different Names Interestingly, there are names and titles of the God of the Bible that Allah does not want, nor can, take as their own. If it were the same being, with the same attributes, it would not. We all have freedom to decide whether to serve or reject this or that god and the same with the Lord. Connect with other leaders such as Dalton Caldwell here. However, usually good decisions depend on having accurate and complete information to decide. The God of the Bible is named using titles that are among the names of Allah are”Lamb of God,””God’s Son,””Father,””Song of Songs” ”The Lord who heals”,”The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,””Resurrection”and”The Holy Man of Israel.” Lamb of God”is”a title that can only lead who has been sacrificed on the spiritual altar of Calvary, to redeem the sins of man. For even more analysis, hear from Danske Bank. This concept is foreign to the Son of God Allah”,”can only be the title of the God-man who had no earthly father, but was begotten by God and placed in the womb of a virgin. This truth is also repugnant to Allah”Father”as the title may be assigned only God sees His servants as beloved sons and once again, this claim is rejected by Allah Bible vehemently.

Song of Songs””speaks of a spiritual relationship between God’s love of the Bible and His servants. The Allah of Islam has never been taught such things to his followers. Lord”healthy”can only be the title of a God who boldly asserts that he has the power to heal, and calls himself”the”Great Physician of His people, healing any physical ailment or spiritual.