Direction Levels

Posted by Carlota on November 22, 2013
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As Haydat (1995, P. 94): To plan is to analyze one given reality, reflecting on the existing conditions, and to foresee the action form alternative to surpass the difficulties or to reach the desired objectives. Therefore the planning is a mental process that involves analysis, reflection and forecast. In this direction to plan is an activity typically human being, and is present in the life of all the individuals, in the most varied moments. With respect to organization, Chiavenato (2003, P.

173) emphasizes its presence in all the administrative levels in way that determines, groups and assigns to activities aiming at the reach of what it was planned. ' ' In this direction, organization means the act to organize, to structuralize and to integrate the resources and the charged agencies of its administration and to establish its attributions and the relations between eles' '. Given the importance of what it was mentioned in the previous paragraphs on the planning and organization, the direction has the main mission to inside interpret the objectives and elaborated plans of a company. This function is very important, therefore it involves the interpersonal relations in all the administrative levels of the organization. Chiavenato detaches the importance of the direction: The direction is the administrative function that guides and guides the behavior of the people in the direction of objectives to be reached.

It is an activity of communication, motivation and leadership, therefore one mentions people to it. How much to its abrangncia, the direction can occur in three levels: global (direction), departmental (management) and operational (supervision). (CHIAVENATO, 2003, p.180). With the incumbency to verify and to control what it was planned, the control is present in the activities and tasks of the daily one of the company. Chiavenato (2003, P. 181) sample that the control is essential for fulfilment of the intended objectives, from the established rules and given orders.