Economic Reformation

Posted by Carlota on November 13, 2012
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As it says an old and well-known proverb: Better takes that never. Thus Zapatero could be caratular upon presentment of the economic plan of the government of Rodriguez with whom he will look for to obtain that the Spanish economy manages to recover of the crisis strikes that it and that maintains worried beside the point to all their population. Although he was delayed (for some, perhaps too much), the Spanish government designed a plan that announced by the end of the past week and that contemplates structural reforms to overcome the present economic situation. This plan contemplates, among others reforms, facilities so that the population can accede to the purchase of houses protected with the primary target to reimpel to the sector and to solve the residential problem that undergoes the population, while also it contemplates reforms to benefit to the Spanish SMEs. But Of what the economic plan announced the past week consists? Basically, the plan contemplates in 24 economic reforms that will be carried out in 2009 and 2010. These reforms are concentrated in fortifying six strategic sectors for the Spanish economy as they are the one of house, sector SME, the power sector, the one of telecommunications, the one of transport and the one of climatic change. Within the project the reduction of administrative loads in 70 procedures is considered to increase the competitiveness and productivity of the companies. The project implies in addition the injection to 20,000 million Euros in the Spanish economy. On the other hand, beyond these measures, Zapatero took advantage of the announcement to suggest to him to the European Central bank that lowers the interest rates in case the international price of petroleum continues lowering. It is that this measurement would benefit to the Spanish economy since the restrictive monetary policy that comes ahead taking the BCE harms it doubly, because it is not to him of utility to control the inflation and aggravates the competitiveness of his companies.