Graffiti Removal Fast And Environmentally Friendly

Posted by Carlota on March 9, 2018
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Eco-friendly surface cleaning system graffiti removal with unique system of TORNADO ACS by Systeco is a revolutionary and unique system for surface cleaning. This proprietary technology without the use of chemicals and water and allows environmentally friendly cleaning, paint removal and stripping of all surfaces. The tornado ACS is a portable compact device, no bigger than a conventional industrial vacuum cleaners. Application of graffiti removal was never been easier and more environmentally friendly. A vacuum is created with powering the tornado ACS in the Jet hood mbar of approximately 220. The Jet hood used on the contaminated surface and is liable for the vacuum automatically on the desktop.

Then, the cycle is closed with inserting the beam Lance in the blasting cap. The blasting material is sucked the following through the Lance. With over 420 km/h applies the grit as needed onto the surface to be processed, cleaned, decoated or roughened will. The granules (abrasive) is extracted after striking on the surface immediately with the distant particles. In the device, the dirt particles are separated from the granules through a filter system. The pellet back into the storage tank for further use. Through this cycle, the system has a minimum consumption of pellets and a very effective work process. Since the circuit is closed, the unit is very quiet in operation (noise level of 75 db), not louder than a traditional vacuum cleaner. Areas of application the novel system is primarily used for following applications: graffiti removal natural stone cleaning Rust removal (metal construction, automotive parts/spares) manufacture of adhesive decoating / paint removal Roughening of surfaces restoration application videos can the site be viewed by Systeco (such as graffiti removal).