Homage Report

Posted by Carlota on August 17, 2012
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A SOURCE the source of the city with the name Source Lobato Hunter, in homage to a great writer of Brazilian literature. This space in middle of 1950 was only one eye d? water that was very used for bath of the inhabitants of the city, since the water that has left was sulforosa, being this rich one in minerals, beyond its hot temperature, until 35 C. This source was discovered when they looked oil in the place. Today of in such a way obstructing and removing impediments the water exit, everything was lost, having only one dry source in the place. A EDGE In this walked we learn that the edge of the city already was divided in two squares, one if it called Square Wilson Andrade Uchoa, who at the time took this name in homage to the one known goldwasher, and another part of the edge was rank the name of ' ' Cacau' ' in homage to a violeiro celebrity of the time, being that in this place it has a violeiro that when was made it was in front of ' ' Bar&#039 sounding lead; ' , moving bar of the time.

A TENT OF the Um SAINT of monuments most interesting of the city, exactly, because of the legend of its construction. They say that it was constructed a goldwasher after to be shipwrecked a gold boat in the river Tapajs, after the shipwreck it made a promise, that if it recouped the lost gold it would construct a tent in that place for the padroeira saint of the city, thus, when obtaining to find the gold, it to constructed as promise. It is clearly, that this is an urban legend of the region, the construction was made by Silvio Macedo, when mayor of the city, and its objective one was that there cultural events were carried through, as much that its true name is Pavilion of cultural events Edvaldo de Paiva Macedo, in homage to its deceased brother.