Is Obama For Real?

Posted by Carlota on August 30, 2018
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The definition brings to correlate the appearance material and social economy. Talk of the market, to differentiate themselves from state intervention and domination that was with the Nazi government, and social calls not to call it “socialist”, taking into account the fewer resources, are distinct from the socialist state that feels entitled to manage or intervene in the economy. Originally the German government’s only role was to regulate competition and avoid monopolies and oligopolies. Over time, the name “social” began to take their own life and became a support system, too expensive, was to subsidize services and assist companies at the expense of taxpayers. Exited Erhard concept of becoming an instrument of preservation of the firms, instead of a tool that generates renewal.

Helmut Kohl sought to reduce state intervention in the private economy, and when I was making was unification, keeping the state out to help their impoverished countrymen in East Germany by communism. Due to the internal contradiction of his philosophy that seeks to combine the virtues of the market with social security – and had deviated from its original course maintaining a state of solidarity that comes to tax cost half their salary for every citizen – the social market economy is strongly challenged by the Germans. “A new stimulus package and the economy in decline, will cause a record budget deficit in 2009, estimated at 50,000 million (67,000 million dollars), said Volker Kauder, parliamentary leader of the party of Angela Merkel. Obama on his estate asked to inject more money to the battered and reduce conflicts that would shake his popularity and enigmatic future government. To save us all, is unlikely to try to cut other budgets, including defense, as did the Europeans. That would be a terrible mistake.

But whatever you do, the crisis is not going to solve all at once. The Great Depression lasted 10 years, recently concluded in 1939 with the Second World War, because the interventionist policy of the New Deal of Franklin D. Roosevelt was a resounding failure. The Obama’s are similar. United States rallied to the war, because the massive recruitment made the country to stay with a reduced workforce and there was occupation for all. The situation today is a thousand times worse than 1929, and the adverse economic conditions are the fuel of radicalism. The crisis of the twentieth century meant that Hitler was elected chancellor, and the current was that Obama is voted president. Is Obama a populist pretensions of grandeur?