Like Solving Problems Of Pair

Posted by Carlota on December 28, 2013
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Solving the problems in the pair the resolution of a problem in the pair is oriented to solve a dispute or differences. One generally is the behavior of a part that it does not like to the other. Other times the complaint is mutual. The problems always do not have solution. But we are going away to focus in like solving those that we say are subject to the negotiation, to look for alternatives and that it supposes benefit for both. For it is important to consider before: To have an established time and space concrete to dedicate to the resolution of the problem the attitude in these cases she is the one to improve the relation and to face the problem like which it affects the two parts and in which both have something to say. If we focused the subject as if the other must realise the change and we to dedicate to us to press so that he is fulfilled, the failure almost are guaranteed. We define the problem: To establish and to identify the objective of each member of the pair.

You do not leave take part objectives like winning or leaving with hers, or to take revenge itself, this makes damage. During the exposition of the problem we must include two parts. The definition and the solution, one behind another one, without mixing them. It is not necessary to define tried to provide a solution. It is necessary to be clear and to fix what is the problem. We must include in the exposition of the problem, 1.

– A positive phrase indicating facets in which the relation works and the problem does not have importance. 2. – To describe the conduct nonwished. It tries to be specific and to make specific, avoiding the disqualification of the person. It is necessary to elude words like " siempre" " todo" that they are false and what does is to disqualify.