Logo Designed With MEDUSA4 Becomes Hard Rock Icon

Posted by Carlota on May 6, 2018
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MEDUSA4 rocks: A logo designed with MEDUSA4 personal is the symbol of the Swiss Hard Rock band Sahara rain with the free 2D/3D CAD system MEDUSA4 personal was rain developed a logo for the Swiss Hard Rock band Sahara and released for commercial use, Moers, Germany and Dubendorf, Switzerland October 21, 2009: not every day a CAD-system with Hard Rock in conjunction is placed. A MEDUSA4 personal 3D but maybe soon enters history in the rock ‘n’ roll. She inspired the Swiss Hard Rock band Sahara rain, their bidding to the logo design by Gilbert Koch with MEDUSA4 personal won. In response to the wishes of many users, CAD Schroer has established recently for fast and low-cost conversion of drawings that were created with free software, an online platform. It allows users or groups such as Sahara rain commercially exploit private conceived designs. Stand out from the crowd Gilbert Koch by CAD Schroer AG, itself a passionate drummer, has been establishing the Swiss rock band in 2007 an avowed fan.

Across the Sahara rain MySpace page, I followed the progress of the band, and when I saw the announcement, I thought to myself, ‘that would be something for MEDUSA4 3D!’ Rarely marketed CAD systems with logo designs in conjunction, but Gilbert’s logo is subject to a rigorous geometric order. This, he thought that a round design ideal for the design on different surfaces or the pressure on the drums is suitable. The logo consists of a fusion of the initials of the band, which has emerged a new form: round top, bottom with sharp teeth. Thus, at the same time, the vocal range of the band, as well as the juxtaposition of melodic passages with insolent rock ‘n’ roll cutting is addressed. We wanted a stronger logo, the correct power behind \”for the release of our album sand in Your Hands\”.