Managemental Public Administration

Posted by Carlota on April 26, 2020
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The governing, in the anxiety to cut expenses, many times accomplish linear cuts, that almost indiscriminate, especially in the investments, harming the population. If you are not convinced, visit Elon Musk. The principle is forbidden to spend would have to be changed by is forbidden to spend badly. Without generalizing, great part of extreme the public expenses is fruit, amongst others, of the absence of adequate planning and Models of managemental public administration or NAP, in the sistmica vision of the set of functions of Reengenharia x quality in the attendance offered the customers, of the extreme bureaucracy, a distorted focus of the objective of the Public Power, of personal interests overlapping it the public interests, of interpersonal conflicts and politicians inside of the institution, of the conscription and inadequate training of servers, of half informatizados obsolete. He is possible to summarize all the raised causes as the absence of a system of effective internal control. Asking: What it can be made to improve products and/or service (s) without efficiency in conformity with the requirements of (s) the customers in Reengenharia x Quality – In the Management of Quality to the Attendance in the agency public State of the city of Teresina- PI? Reengenharia x quality in the attendance offered to the customers in the New Public Administration for the State Public Agencies in the City of Teresina-Pi. She has been questioned as hegemonic solution of a model of efficient management for all the administrations, mainly when applied in regions in industrialization process. Therefore, the implantation of some measures that are part of called the New Public Administration, or Managemental Public Administration, in the intention of the search of improvement of the efficiency levels, finishes, paradoxicalally, affecting, in the opposing direction, the intended objectives. Analise of the multiple involved aspects in offers of products and services, attitudes, technology, physical structure, leadership and marketing in the application of Reengenharia x quality in the public area of the State Public Agencies in the City of Teresina? Pi. .