Proper Device Crib

Posted by Carlota on September 12, 2016
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Proper device crib is a guarantee of health and safety of your child. It is important not to make mistakes when choosing, getting lost in a variety of models and brands. Offer a small list of required elements of the device crib. Cot can be on wheels – this part of the crib is required when moving from room to room. There are models of cribs with changing table. There are children crib, able to move in the width and length. Are convenient models in which some bars pulled out.

This is required for the younger kids from a crib, they can get out safely without risk of falling climbing over the railing. Some models provide boxes for bedding and toys. To better put down the baby crib should not be deep. A good crib distance from the bottom of the mattress to the top of the railing should be no more than 65 centimeters. In contemporary cribs upper strap is removed and the distance between the rails and the mattress is reduced by almost 10 centimeters. Having laid the baby top the bar you want to return to the starting position, the baby did not dropped out. Optimal spacing between the slats of the lattice in a baby crib is 5.6 inches, so that the gap between them does not get stuck part of the child, for example, his legs, head or handle.

For safety of a child in a cot, it is necessary to treat thoroughly. Slatted is most suitable for a cot. In cheap cribs with solid bottom mattresses not faded, and if poorly dried, it can lead to fungal infections, mold and diaper rash. Because selection of the exact bottom of the cot is very important. And most importantly, children's furniture is mandatory no sharp corners. Pay attention to the mattress to the crib, before buying an internal need to know the size of the crib. For long term storage above the mattress oilcloth bag, and on the oil cloth – diaper. Never buy the former in the application of mattresses. For kids bedding stuff: terry, flannel, cotton. Not required starch baby bedding, it should always be soft. Harmful to children supercool and overheat. Very young children (up to a year) it is forbidden to sleep on a pillow. You can do much harm had not yet formed the backbone. Source: online store cots