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Selfesteem Through Accept

Posted by Carlota on January 20, 2013 with Comments Closed
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Self-acceptance is an important part of healthy self-esteem, because you say that because it is necessary to accept you as is with strengths and weaknesses so that you can know what they have to change, you need to strengthen and what are your limitations. The self-acceptance means accepting your physical and psychological self as we see us before our very eyes. This will affect all aspects of your life in love, work, family. Without adequate self-esteem you don’t accept it would be impossible, because you crearias auto-rechazo and could not develop yourself personally and much less become happy. Accept yourself with everything you make up ideas, emotions, body, desires does not mean that necessarily like everything you made up but is recognize you and not denying what you are on the contrary it is learn to love you and respect you. If you accept you with everything composed te Te congratulate is a good step but it is not enough because it is not necessary if you already know you and recognize that something it is wrong you have the desire to change, improve or evolve in what you know is wrong and is it well promote it, because we’re not like a stone, the stone does not change does not have life, us Yes.

Accept is to recognize how valuable you are, you deserve to be loved and respected despite the fact that you’re not perfect. Why it is so important to self acceptance? -Because you will not feel afraid to acknowledge the negative of it. -You can better handle criticisms unless they affect you. You will have the ability to reject or accept them and not come to the point of devaluing you why. -You’re not aware of those who think others about you. -Do not you auto reject and let you fight with yourself. -You mostraras you as you are, without any excuse you or changed by others.