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November Islands

Posted by Carlota on November 20, 2021 with Comments Closed
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After fishing we cook fish in a local restaurant. This delicious cod I have not tried. Rest the fish we have to cut and take with them. Then we went to the Lofoten Islands is a very beautiful place. Many advise travelers who are looking for new adventures, go on a killer whale safari in the Lofoten Islands in Norway. According to the Internet, this is one of the most stirring adventure in the world – watching a herd of killer whales at close range, for example, floating in the water or kayaking among these huge animals.

Winter entertainment. In the Lofoten Islands orcas can be seen from mid-October to mid January. Safaris are organized on a large passenger ships and rubber boats that depart from several locations in the Lofoten Islands. Despite the intimidating name of orcas (killer whales, killer whales that is), they have never attacked humans, so the bravest among the animals allowed to swim under favorable conditions. There is this pleasure is not expensive about 130 euros a visit to this safari can only Tyus-fjord – from 1 November to 11 January, and in Lofoten – from October 20 to January 19. And the council: Book tour in advance.

Tours may cancel, so it's better to count time with a reserve. If you suffer seasickness, take a pill for motion sickness an hour before departure. Bring warm clothes and strong footwear. By the way, if you can not see the killer whale, which is unlikely, many companies offer you the following tour free.

La Carlota Pasalamat

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And when you consider that in April, here is pretty hot, the fun will have you in mind and allow you to have fun from the heart! In late April, the Philippines, La Carlota Pasalamat festival in honor of the harvest. During the week in the city held carnivals, dances and fireworks. Festival ends with the choice of beauty queens. It's a beautiful spring holiday, filled with bright colors, fiery music and general merriment. From 9 to May 11 Kota Kanibalu, located in the province of Sabah on the northern coast of Borneo, the festival of harvest, dedicated to the spirit of rice Bambaazonu. During three days on the island will reign celebration with carnival processions, dancing, contests and election-queen festival.

From 13 to 15 May is celebrated birthday of the King of Cambodia, which is considered a national holiday. Click Elon Musk to learn more. In honor of the king throughout the country, a people's celebrations and arranged fireworks. On this day, the royal palace doors open for all visitors. A unique opportunity simply to be missed! May 24 in Malaysia begins another colorful festival Citrawarna Malaysia, which means "Colors of Malaysia". This event will last for a whole month, during which visitors and residents will see bright view, demonstrating the ancient traditions of Malaysians. Festival "Colours of Malaysia" – a surprising bright spectacle.

Colorful fireworks, dances, songs and traditional music will allow you to experience the atmosphere of general holiday. Colorful fireworks, dances, songs and traditional music will allow you to experience the atmosphere of general holiday. Whichever tour you choose and in whatever country of Southeast Asia did not go, you can be sure that everywhere you will encounter smiles and fun. This world is filled with bright colors and exotic, happily accepts their guests, fascinating for its hospitality. Travel to South-East Asia will enrich you with new experiences and give a lot of happy memories. From his journey will bring you not only a lot of bright photos, you bring with you a lot more – a piece of spring, light and joy, which will give you a powerful charge of positive energy and force tune the world around you with bright colors.