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So, we explain the reasons. It was only then it should be noted that it is impossible to take into account all the situations that lead to the "missing" young man. But the main and frequent causes of mysterious disappearance, I think, will tell. 1. He got what he wanted. Often, young people need only sex and nothing more. This is news? If he received it, then, thank you, have nothing else. Of course, strange, sex was, but it can be? There are unpleasant for the women's men's truth: "Every girl deserves sex, but not every two." And what about love? He said that he liked me, beautiful, sexy.

That's right, no words of love and romance to create a goal, in fact the most sex, young people did not get like. Just a girl need, increasing its significance, compliments, words of love, flowers, well, then maybe sex. He needed just the opposite. The man got what he wanted, perhaps hoping for more passion, sexual activity and emancipation, however, expectations have not been fully realized. Is it worth a second time to organize courtship, romance, listen to a lot of unnecessary information, wasting time and money to get the same thing? He went to look elsewhere. What do you want? 2.

He's just more expensive than you. In life we all have our price, including personal relationships. There is such a market – personal relationships, which is sometimes referred to as the marriage market relations. Any girl or young man in this market as something valued.