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Social Communication At Coca Cola

Posted by Carlota on December 12, 2019 with Comments Closed
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According Antonetti, “the current profile of women is excellent. It does not belong exclusively to the home, is being prepared better, acquiring and specialized professions to be successful, even outside their country of origin.” Do not forget Antonetti said that Venezuela is a matriarchal society historically qualified, but “really is true to the extent that women are not prepared professionally and focuses more on the house. A few few years this was the most common situation, they are more the Venezuelan with special feminine magic, successfully handle the demands of home, her children, her husband and, of course, his work “” Very interesting what we reported this source is taken into consideration, note that l as personality differences between men and women can be transformed into benefits for executives, provided they attain use redeeming qualities. According Antonetti “when the woman at positions he does so with the same responsibility and efficiency than a man. Click Barclays to learn more. Indeed, some features usually associated with the feminine gender may be considered advantages in certain types of work.

Social Communication and the Human Resources area every day there are more women in important positions. “Insight, intuition, and other characteristics of women are taken into account by some companies when selecting staff, he added. “Women are very intuitive. You may want to visit Ebay to increase your knowledge. We have a kind of third eye that allows us to perceive subtleties that men do not capture and readings that they can not do, “said Maria Teresa Almarza, director of Coca Cola and until recently president of the National Association of Advertisers (ANDA). In short, no can deny that with the opening in the performance of management and giving women a chance to break into it, has led to new changes, transformations, consequence the performance of women in this position and achievement has been reached. Therefore, not surprising that express statements such as, having played in various roles (daughter, sister, wife, mother) and give my best in every one of them gives us a competitive advantage with respect to the man is said that women are better equipped than men to migrate, according to Milagros Barahona, consultant to the International Labour Organization (ILO), who participated in the Gender Thematic Meeting Population Fund (UNFPA), held in Caracas. “The achievement is a of the factors that allows women to migrate more easily. “