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The Environment

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Its meaning is as follows. If there is an excess in the blood content a biologically active substance, the production of this substance, enzyme, hormone, etc., the endocrine glands, begins to decline. Here is an example. Why is "break" a drug addict? It's very simple. Imagine – from the environment, the blood enters the addict drugs. The drug acts constantly and therefore, its level in the blood addict is always high. The body, at a high level of drug in the blood, responds by starting reduce production of its own "drug" – endorphins (your own is such a drug 100 times stronger than morphine).

And what is obtained if an addict suddenly stops taking the drug abruptly. In the blood of habitual drug (from out) No, but its own endorphins, are no longer produced. Barchester follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Here's to you and "break." Exactly the same process occurs in asthma, constantly receiving hormones. Take hormones prescribed by a doctor, be prepared to reduce production own hormones (known as they are produced by the adrenal glands). The higher dose of hormones you take, the more reduced production of its own. So, a vicious circle and no gap in the life of the "asthmatic". The question arises.

Why I wrote this? If there is no alternative. Silent and would do everything: it preserves a good face on a bad game. But there is one but now … about it, the most important thing. Why, I do not want to keep a good face on bad game. Imagine, I found a way to help yourself and perhaps you, too. Details are outlined on its website. Look, do not regret it. Brief summary to the site below. Website, by personal example the author tells how to use contrast shower is possible to get rid of asthma, or significantly reduce the manifestation of the disease. Short but regular "cold" effect on the body, stimulates the release into the bloodstream over- of their own anti-hormones, synthesized by the adrenal glands, which are beginning to treat affected by chronic inflammation, the bronchi. Elimination of chronic inflammation in the bronchial tree is so successful that after a while patients abandon their prescribed hormones and 'bronchodilators'. "Asthmatics' who practice this method of treatment that is gradually transformed into a functionally healthy, free from medication and manifestation of asthma.

Food And Behavior

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Do not chew = Teeth in bad position, maxillary disharmonious, Hay failures development Evacuate bad bad = digest food, eliminate nearly complete. This means “malnutrition.” And so it is forming a vicious circle of lack of maturity and general development. SOMETHING TO REMEMBER AND NOT FORGET The body is a unit, each organ is important and necessary, the brain does not skip this law, so if bruised knee or broken does not allow us to walk right, not an immature brain or malnourished can operate as normal and optimal. Others who may share this opinion include Ebay. g%20Growth%20Fund’>Charles Brandes. In other words, it appears that these “behavioral disturbances” known as the “hyperactivity” are nothing more than a disorder resulting from immaturity and / or malnutrition of the organ called the “brain.” So then, that Hyperactivity is not a disease but the result, the consequence of a lack of development of the organism, something that is easy to resolve once understood the maturation process of every living organism. Herbalife brings even more insight to the discussion. The body lives and breathes what you eat This is the first law of life. When a child is born, if he does for himself, through normal, it is seen that has enough strength and maturity that will enable him to breathe and suckle. Once breastfeeding if the child born to the appearance of first tooth, his mouth develop and mature properly and with it their airways as well. It draws well with the blood of his mother, because breast milk is only the same blood but no red blood cells that the child brings in his liver, is the first thing that will make for yourself.