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Posted by Carlota on October 31, 2013 with Comments Closed
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Somebody remembers the Leviat? That imaginary creature, of great ratios, common in the imaginary one of the European navigators of the Modern Age? Therefore she is! The Handle, that is, the Area of Free Commerce of Americas, seems to be the Leviat of Americas. However the Handle is not something imaginary. More early or later this economic block will become in something concrete, and will go to consist, in one of the biggest economic blocks of the planet. The impediment in this area of free commerce is in the recklessness of the developing countries, a time that its politicians have the conscience of that a total opening will be able to take the bankruptcy many industries in its territories. Brazil has made use of good sense when defending an idea of gradual opening, and block-type negotiations. However, defending a gradual opening or not, the governing of the countries that form this economic block, they need to arrive at a unanimous opinion, and to start to invest in infrastructure so that thus they can have conditions to enter in this economic market and to compete of equal for equal with the United States. It is soft or want more!