Underdeveloped Nature

Posted by Carlota on July 13, 2016
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The place is ideal for estudantis research, strolls, picnics and an excellent program for the loving ones of the nature. Aquei must the alert one for the conservation of the environment, since the action human being, for many times it finishes for destroying the beauty of our landscapes and treasures ambient. The conservation of the natural resources is the name that if of to the modern concern in adequately using the aspects of the nature that the man transforms or consumes. To conserve, in this in case that, it does not mean to keep and yes to use rationally. The nature must be consumed or be used to take care of to the necessities of the gift of the human beings, but taking in account the future, the new generations that had not yet been born, but for which has the obligation to leave a healthy surrounding May. It was only from the degradation of the environment for the man – and of the extinguishing of innumerable animal and vegetal species – that appeared this conservacionista concern. The intense use of the nature for the modern society placed, especially in our century, a series of interrogations how much to the future of the environment: When if they will deplete some basic resources, as the oil or the coal? How to prevent the destruction of the forest reserves that still remain in our planet and at the same time to guarantee foods and resources for increasing world-wide population? What to make so that the extinguishing does not occur total of certain threatened species, as the whales? How the underdeveloped countries will be able to decide its problems of poverty, hunger and subnutrio without depredating the nature? The conservacionismo looks for to answer to these and other similar questions conciliating the economic development with the defense of the environment, by means of the adequate use of the goods supplied for the nature. Thus being, I conclude this work, waiting to have contributed for the spreading of this place that I define as exotrico and natural, bemcomo to awake the interest of perquisadores in the branch of sciences pra that studies are carried through and discovered new knowledge for the ecological wealth of our country..