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Posted by Carlota on June 28, 2012
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Third the 2019 would go of 2009. In its uprising in the sunday, Chavez explained that the limitless election institutes ' ' native land eterna' ' , on the basis of the socialism. Innumerable reforms had been carried through in the economy of Venezuela, nationalization of the companies of oil in the country, capital goods industry as assiderrgicas it forms nationalized, the biggest amount of oil of the OPEP (organization for oil exportation) that it circulates in U.S.A. leave dVenezuela, being in such a way the relations between these countries still is well direct, however, much already was obtained with president Chavez, the economy dVenezuela is much more solid and having bigger possibilities of growth of the quea Colombia and Mexico that comes comungando with the American politics North. The relations that the imperialism creates are a quiet dependence, ouseja, in many cases do not have wars as in the Vietnam or Iraq, apenasrelaes of clientelismo with the local politicians, keeping the laws of estadosfuncionando and its favor, to keep the organization of the state and extends what lhevai to favor, using the standards of deals, inversion, exploration to break dospoderes of State and the Classrooms or hegemonic fractions. As in a new estadismo affirms Petrasconstruindo to them to intervene with all the places for inseriro capital. ' ' However, currently the Estadointervm in all the parts to insert the capital, that is, the produocapitalista way. The circulation is much more ample because the bigger extension and somuito space. The capacity to penetrate capitals, to intervine, to earn is very maisentendida had the hegemony of the capital financeiros.' ' 6 JamesPetras author makes consideraes important regarding the imperialism north americanona Latin America, sample that the state of the countries customers continues active, keeping its rules, only that the well-being state is interrupted, therefore if imponovas rules, new interventions. These new interventions ribbons for one estadodentro of other states, in the case of U.S.A.