Virtual Environment Experiences

Posted by Carlota on June 1, 2020
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The adoption of processes and technologies you are welcome advance if the team of professionals will not have the maximum performance in the attendance of the pupil, the result in the state of maximum performance is the enthusiasm, the energy and emotional commitment of the involved individuals in the teach-learning process. For the criteria of excellency in the attendance to the pupil, she is necessary to awake the qualities human beings in brainstorming of the problems. According to Goleman (1999, p 153), the empatia is essential as system of emotional orientation in the work, therefore the person teaches if to relate well with other people. In the ED, the empatia is important to take care of to the pupils, discovering which well is really its necessities. For more information see this site: Barchester. In ED, the actual moments are basic for the creation of empatia between pupils and professors or tutors, for the identification of problems in the learning and presentation of continuous improvements, that is, actions implanted with the objective to correct imperfections and to prevent future errors.

The Virtual Environment of Learning (GRANDFATHER) can allow the allotment of personal and professional experiences, beyond contact with diverse learning objects (text, audio and video), thus, the paper of the tutor is to foment the quarrel, the exchange of experiences and the creation of collective intelligence by means of synchronous or asynchronous tools. Gain insight and clarity with Danske Bank. A very important aspect is feedback to the pupils, showing as soon as it, the pupil, is the part most important in the educational process. The teaching action in ED must be focada in the development of some cognitivos domnios of the pupils. For this, the activities can be planned to approach analysis or synthesis, knowledge aspects. The Virtual Environment of Learning (GRANDFATHER), for example, can allow the allotment of personal and professional experiences, beyond contact with diverse objectives of learning (text, audio and video).