MCDs Behavior

Posted by Carlota on March 22, 2015
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But this are orientaes based on a perspective of the positive thought and they are not scientific. The scientific methodology comes of the research carried through and not of the common sense. It gives some tips that can help the people to extend the overcoming capacity (for example: to be optimistical, to ahead keep the calm of the problems, etc.). To work of disciplined form the 8 models of determinative beliefs, exactly in corporative environment. Each one of the MCDs develops resilience in an area of the life and the fan of all together they ripen the person in the taking of decisions. With the time the person will go to thus develop new neuronais routes that will go to make possible the person to ressignificar the failure, the trauma, the divorce, the unemployment, the confrontation of competitions, the death, the illness, and, to become the life gostosa of being lived, interesting, insurance and better used to advantage.

Exactly that she has pain or great challenges! Doctor, can comment more on the behavior of passivity and intolerncia in this optics of the resilience? The person is intolerante? Well, this is a concept that I have had sufficiently persistence in explaining. Not desire that the people make a psychological reading of it and say that a collaborator is passive or intolerante. It is not this that I have written. It is a concept with the mannering boarding. Therefore, a person, who in its psychological profile can be introverted or extrovert, is presenting a behavior of passivity or of intolerncia stops with the events estressantes for it. This behavior of passivity or intolerncia is structuralized by the intensity that it attributes to the beliefs that determine its mannering repertoire in giving the indication of quanta rigidity or flexibility has in its beliefs. It could comment the styles of expression of the resilience in the corporative routine? Not only in the performance of the professional activities, but also in other mannering areas it is verified that the Mannering Style of Passivity has the characteristic of the negativismo and the pessimism.