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The Dog

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Especially at first, do not leave them to play alone. – Prevent child interfere with the dog resting in his nest. " Even the smaller disturb him there. The dog will be grateful to you for, and the child at the same time learn to respect another's holiday. Who knows, maybe when you decide to relax on the couch with a newspaper after dinner, he will not bother you.

– The house where a small child, toys scattered on the floor – the norm. If you do not want to watch children tears over the "… tore a bear paw … y-y-UUU!, immediately, from the first day did not allow the dog to play with things that smell like your child. Here the principle of "through the generations – the youngest is working against your purse, and nerves. Not stingy, buy a puppy a few new toys without your personal odors. Once the puppy tries to grab an unauthorized item for the game, immediately file a forbidding command, take the thing and immediately give puppy to his toys.

Let my child plays. And his heir debts tell them to toys cleaned, and then gobbled up their puppy for lovely soul. Feel? Went to the educational process! – Decide immediately what restrictions will be in the dog in your home and teach your puppy to immediately follow. It's very simple. The main thing never allow the dog to break the rules. For example, my dog does not go into the nursery, where there is sleeping child.

Pacific Ocean Indigo

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A prominent lawyer and Chinese collector discovered an ancient map which, he said, could bring down one of the Central doctrines of Western civilization: that Europeans were the first to navigate the world and discover America. (The truth is that nobody who knows anything of history believed the story that Columbus was the first to come to America. We should remember that since the Vikings and even more distant in time, the Egyptians with their cocainomanas mummies bear witness that many came before first. The most convincing is undoubtedly Piri Reis, which have maps and good support) the Chinese map, which was drawn up in 1763, but has a notation that says that it is a reproduction of a map dated 1418, presents to the mundocomo a balloon, where all the major continents are presentadoscon an accuracy that European maps did not for at least another centuryAfter Columbus, Da Gama, Magellan, Diaz and other browsers.However, the map did not have a warm part of some reception Chinese academics and seems unlikely that convince skeptics that Chinese sailors were the first to go around the world. Liu Gang, partner of a legal study of Beijing known amateur historian, said on Monday that bought the map to $500 in a bookstore in Shanghai in 2001 and that then newly discovered its value. He said that he had consulted academics in the field and he had done a research on your own before deciding to show his finding in public.

(In this respect is having doubts, regularly such things are the product of counterfeiting) important thing is not the map itself, he said in a press conference. It is the possibility that the information contained in the map will change history.


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The history of science, such comoAlexandre Koyr 1 nosnarrou, serves exemplarily well not to characterize amodernidade equivocadamente as the time that definitively breached with the tradition; cinciamesma, arqutipo of the modern conscience and behavior, guardaorigens typically ancestral, without which never it would have fond of the level of abstraction porela obtained and with which it one felt the will and it bragged on itself same mythical last diantedo and its representations on the nature, on the other hand e, deoutro, of the proper nature, that to that height of its proper pride, to supunhapoder entirely to dominate. Yes, modern science is more that ofruto sudden of an overwhelming revolution. It is more the continuation potentee catalyzed of slow, gradual cultural processes, of what the irruption deuma brusque pause in historical devir that she would signal a new start. Amodernidade, therefore, must today be appreciated not as a moment of the rupture, mascomo the moment of the top, the apex and the achievement of complex processes that htempos sketched its first developments. Science, optimum arqutipoque represents everything that if wants modern, is optimum example that we have to paraprovar that modernity, as everything that is historical, did not start yesterday. Elaprova, by the way, something more and greater. In the domain of history he is ambiguous, improfcuo eproblemtico to point any start, any point in the multiple line of tempoonde the past absolutely is forgotten on behalf of the radical newness dofuturo. But it has transistions, more or less flowed, more or less perceptveiscomo such.

What it is seen and interpreted as ' ' novo' ' in relation to the past, it cannot be without a value judgment, would say Weber. The scientific, enemy rationalism irreconcilable of the religious rationalism, is more its continuation doque its logical opposition. Let us advance: Weber does not face amodernidade as the time of the rupture with the tradition.