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Posted by Carlota on August 27, 2019 with Comments Closed
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JOSE BRECHNER Bolivia President, begins to realize that governing is not so simple and that relations with the United States and other powers are vital for their survival. In his visit to Japan, – in the midst of one of the worst natural disasters that plague their country-, assured Asians that their investments in Bolivia will not run danger of being estatizadas, which is true, because they have no investments in Bolivia and are not so foolish as to have them. The experience suffered by Brazil, with the nationalization of its refineries, was more than enough as to know how reliable it is his word. Evo requested last year to delegates from the European Union, to help it improve its relations with the Americans. I ask gentlemen ambassadors with much responsibility and with much humility help us improve relations with the United States Government because we are the culture of dialogue, said the President.

But perhaps there is a U.S. Embassy in La Paz to speak with your representative? The childishness of Morales, who uses to other dignitaries publicly to amend their leg tucked, makes one think of a child asking after pulling the hair to the little sister, the neighbor told the Pope to not punish it. Morales is now age learn that the political world is the world of words, and what one says has consequences. During his Union career he passed it insulting to the United States and its President. He came to power, and accentuated his attacks motivated by Hugo Chavez. Then wants good relations? His Vice President in his first visit to the United States unsuccessfully traveled to Washington to ask for the extension of the Atpdea, – a Treaty of tariff preferences and the fight against drug trafficking-. At the time of boarding to the aircraft, an unprecedented event occurred: the airline officials stopped him, because his name appears on the list of international terrorists who have no income to the country from the North.