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University Advertising

Posted by Carlota on February 27, 2013 with Comments Closed
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Master-D, the University of Zaragoza and the Association of media and advertising agencies of Aragon have signed a collaboration agreement which will allow students that complete the Master in business communication and advertising organized by these two entities perform labor practices on Master-D. Moreover, thanks to the agreement the Master students will participate in sessions that will be taught in its facilities in order to know its working system in situ by objectives, company culture, and how it develops the same communication. Master in business and advertising communication, organized by the University of Zaragoza and the Association of media and advertising agencies, Aragon is currently developing its seventh promotion. It is a degree of the University of Zaragoza which combines theoretical training (completed with computer and audiovisual material) and practical training through the realization of labor practices in areas of communication.

To enable these practices are held partnerships with companies and Zaragoza entities that have areas of marketing or communication, which include Master-D. Line Plan Bologna Manuel Fandos, responsible for external relations of Master-D, emphasizes that the signed agreement deepens in compliance with one of the main mandates of the Bologna plan, as it is the combination of theoretical and practical knowledge that bring post-universitarias and university qualifications to labour market. In addition, Fandos says: enterprises have one requirement of professionals who join their theoretical knowledge an experience and an approach to real problems growing. The collaboration agreement has been signed by Yolanda pole round, Professor of marketing and research of markets of the University of Zaragoza, by Ignacio Monientes Aznar, President of AMAPa and by Jesus Gomez Laguna, Director General of Master-D. Original author and source of the article.

Good Curriculum Vitae

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When we hope to find a job, the first thing che we have to do is submit a good c.v. The most important thing is to meet the requirements that companies are looking for. It is important to take into account that should make a curriculum vitae for each interview, because each company expects different requirements. Secondly, we must think that your CV is your business card. You have to submit the best card to convince who comes to the selection of staff that you’re the person more suitable. Of the strengths of your biography, your Curriculum Vitae should highlight those who are in perfect alignment with the role that you play in the company, but without lying. With a perfect C.V.

you will be able seek employment also on the internet. The web is full of sites e.g. to find work in Barcelona or in other Spanish cities. In general you should write according to the European model of C.V. You can find it on many dedicated sites or sites of job announcements.

Must be divided into 4 main parts: personal information: name and surname, date of birth, nationality, address, telephone number, email address. Work experience (start with the most recent and go separately by adding the same information for each occupied position): for each employment write the date, the name and address of employer, type of company or sector, the post or busy cargo and main activities and responsibilities. Education and training: (start with the most recent and go apart adding the same information for each made course): for each course write the date, the name and the type of organization that has given education or training, the main subjects or occupational capacities treated, the title of the retrieved classification and the level attained in a national classification. Personal skills and competences: begins with the languages, as you know and you talk, mother-tongue that you know meno indicating the level according to the European classification of reading, writing and oral expression. Then you have to write your abilities and social skills, organisational, technical and artistic. I hope that this guide would be useful for your next job interview.

Germain Gratitude

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It is, above all, a magic phrase, a sacred enchantment, a powerful mantra transmitted to all people by the great spiritual masters and more enlightened disciples. Yes, many Customs of life that we practice in the unconscious form were originally instituted by beings of light who wished to help humanity. The thanks expression has the power to open consciousness and awakening to true wealth. Those who know how to thank when they fall on the tests, demonstrate its internal value and its connection with a higher consciousness to thank someone is to purify the atmosphere between you and that other person. Sometimes you can even heal relations karmaticas and difficult situations. Thanks exerts a liberating power; allows detachment, abandonment (or acceptance of things), and facilitates the forgiveness. You can become a true blessing for self and others; It may be a wall of defense against the forces of darkness that try to interfere in our lives to disturb furtively, often complicate it or destroy it all. Through gratitude, you can also create a firm base one on which to build a life, harmonious, rich and conscious, in appearance psychological life definitely thank involves gratitude, the gratitude for everything that it has given us in our acts of our lives, where we interrelacionamos, where we have grown, he has allowed us to learn, be alert, awake. Sain Germain about it gives us, that thanks invoucra gratitude, made with his magic, Alchemy, that is an is a formidable cosmic solvent of all selfishness, because selfishness accumulates things around the physical body and the outer self and is exactly the opposite of gratitude, because she spread love, light and blessings upon all without the lower restriction. There were beings that have been released within a few hours by the feeling of immense gratitude, discordant accumulation of the centuries was swept in such cases by an impetuous torrent of love and gratitude, but as soon as things become selfish, they forget to be grateful, thanks and closes door that could come to them new blessings Violeta Parra gives us the composition thanks to the Life, that is worth adding in this written, given what she holds and where in sight your scope, potential thanks to life thanks to the life that has given me tantoMe gave two stars when the abroPerfecto distinguish black from the shooting in the high sky its fund estrelladoY in the crowds the man I love thanks to life that has given me tantoMe has given the ear than in all its day and night anchoGraba crickets and canariosMartirios, turbines, barking, chubascosY of my beloved good so tender voice thanks to life that has given me tantoMe has given the sound and the abecedarioCon him, the words that I think and declaroMadre, friend, Jhoeldiazq light illuminating the path of the soul that I am loving thanks to life that has given me tantoMe has given the progress of my feet cansadosCon they walked cities and charcosPlayas and desertsmountains and llanosY yours, your street House and your yard thanks to life that has given me tantoMe gave the heart waving his marcoCuando look at the fruit of the brain humanoCuando look good so far from the maloCuando look at the bottom of your clear eyes thanks to life that has given me tantoMe has given the laughter and has given me the Llantoasi I distinction quebrantoLos two materials that form the singing of you which is the same cantoY my cantoY this singing all that is my own song Gracias a la vida, Gracias a la vida in this opportunity we give thanks for reading, be and comparir original author and source of the article.