Celestial Native Messages

Posted by Carlota on May 9, 2020
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Desirous that the men could obedec-Lo. – He also had that writing in the wall, and that one king was weighed in the scale, for its desatinos. Others who may share this opinion include Parnassus Investments. – Of this form the men have looked for to transmit its Will in form of messages want of moments want of necessities human beings for which the humanity can be passing. As example of this: ) – Messages s the Christmas, where the humanity does not see the Jesus as commerce instrument, but can guards as the child born with intention to redeem the pecador of the world of the darknesses. b) – Messages s Native land, showing that it is proposal a Celestial Native land, where no government will enslave nobody, where the government will be exerted for that it was born humble and it was rejected by the men who cuspiram, they had beaten, they after ridicularizaram and to tear its vestments, perforate-Knot in the log with the objective of menosprezar its facts, which dragged multitudes for the streets and mounts of those places.

Killing inclusive the hunger of many with its miracles special. c) – Messages on calamities, showing that God still is the same of the Biblical time, the same God who exterminou cities and people for walking in the against-hand of its desire, also, one day if repented to have bred we disobedient men. He is the same God, and the corruption human being is the same one since those times: disobedience and the desire flesh time, human being and many times animalesco to turn itself against its Landlord. – WE DO NOT HAVE TO BE AFOITOS IN TRANSMITTING OF the WORD OF GOD (Roman 15,4 and 5): -. – To mark a meeting with our listener, knowing that always he will be God will despertar who it to hear of its Word. -. – To look for to say with mansido and moderation so that let us be heard.