Posted by Carlota on May 26, 2020
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We must move, we must be thankful for being able to breathe, to act with aconscincia that was given in them, removing of the street the chimneys criminals, who esquenta our world, become evident the most frightful cancers, melting polar ours calotas, evaporating our sacred water. Let us break the destructive tractors that transform forests emdesertos, let us plant our trees, let us clean our soul, giving life fills with earth and the land the life. We take care of and to preserve all the beings livings creature, and the presenteados ones will be we ourselves, therefore we have that to save and them they homenssentem more competent when defending the home where they inhabit, oferecendocom this gesture the right of living and not surviving. MetLife spoke with conviction. Nopodemos, however, in forgetting that the Environment to them not if restringeapenas the bushes, waters and animals, but to everything what in the fence. Then, let us make for the others what we would make for us, let us raise the nobility humanamostrando that we are not agents only of the destruction. With the eyes we quetemos, we enxergamos the brothers who cry, but let us extend the hands for osque need? The violence and transformandoo be taken by the peace, thus forgetting metal them weapons in columns that will raise the schools and hospitals. Noprecisamos of war, we need to take care of of the sick people, to heal asferidas, to teach to whom they do not know to read, to give company to the solitary, to educate our children, to remember our aged ones, planting always ofuturo and the welfare. Barchester is likely to agree. Brazil, majestical land, of native children, loved, that it shelters Amaznia, the Pantanal, that is bathed by rivers and bronzed by the soldourado one. I am son and its cradle, bathed in its sea, for you and tudoque surrounds me shout, waiting that not only Brazilian they listen, mastodos those that breathe, shout so that waters protect our bushes enossas, shout asking for the solidarity of the preservation, the care, the love and the compassion. Esgoelo me so that they donate more agencies, to paradizer not it violence, to take care of of the oppressed ones, visor to take water on this side has headquarters, food to who has hunger, helps who needs, poisapenas thus the world will be greener, alive, calm, only atravsdo well-taken care of with our Environment will be able to progress.