Max Horkeimer

Posted by Carlota on November 7, 2019
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Something from World War II and maybe a little before it has sold planning as a theoretical possibility, but increasingly is more a fact possible and necessary. Admit a new plane of national spaces does not imply anything within an economic process of globalization. It is something insignificant, but it becomes a tragedy because the flags and the States will idolize. Abstract concepts that are, along with religion, become sources of wars and conflicts everywhere. Stage of history and social mentality that needs to be overcome, since such structures policies, cultural and social have stopped having importance, although we may seem otherwise by an inertia when it comes to thinking about these issues. Max Horkeimer, in his society in transition: studies in social philosophy, considered, already in 1962, that status meant a progress in its current formation during the s. XVIII, but showed his backside in the 19th and 20th centuries.

This author asserts: the concept of nation has become an Idol; the nation has illuminated the development of the great revolutions and wars and has taken over the Earth. The rivalry between the Nations became until the end of World War II in the driving power of history. This political reality defines globalization and generates it contradictions, what view to generate conflicts of interest affecting the economy and social progress. While already anachronistic historical problems stagnate and ideologies that take refuge from entering decomposition it will be very difficult to move forward in the construction of reality. What to pretend in nationalist conflicts is to adjust a historical to the future situation, because through the construction of Europe takes place a change of course in the story that allows him to do. It’s make aware this process, defining it, discuss him and pronounce with the weapons of democracy, which in addition to compliance with the law, is the referendum.