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Posted by Carlota on December 20, 2015
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My little niece gave Barbie doll. She admitted that she would be interested to play with the doll, if a doll was different beautiful clothes. And she would be happy to poshila clothes for Barbie herself, but does not know how! Why clothes for Barbie dolls? Specialists of Psychology Department of Moscow State University conducted a study among students of junior classes. The results showed: the girls playing in Barbie, energetic, confident, easier to adapt to changing circumstances and achieve success in their studies, painting and dancing. In this they are trying to sound like a favorite doll. She became for them a symbol of women's welfare and prosperity in their personal and business life. And the first dating girls with courses of cutting and sewing is better to start with clothing for your favorite doll.

Especially because such a lot of first tissue samples would be required. And do not have time to get bored because doll clothing small in size. And it You can quickly sew. You can come up and sew a set of simple clothes for Barbie. And when you help my daughter learn the first skills in sewing and needlework, your child will know that a dress for Barbie, and many other things can be to do with their hands on their own.