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Posted by Carlota on November 19, 2013
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Alojese in Mendoza to visit the Redeeming Christ In Mendoza, the tourism offers an endless number of sites, historical localities, places, monuments and relics of the past that compose unique scenes in Latin America. The mountainous chain of the $andes creates an excellent frame for the varied sites of historical interest and monuments that can be visited in this beautiful Argentine province. One of these places is the Redeeming Christ. It is of a monumental statue of about 7 meters of height that outside done in 1904 by the sculptor Mateo Alonso. In 2003 it was declared National Historical Monument and Cultural Patrimony of the Nation. The objective of the Redeeming Christ was to celebrate the friendship between the brother republics of Argentina and Chile, on the occasion of a conflict towards principles of century XX was little to finish in a war between the two nations.

The idea was that the friendship between both towns was so strong and as solid as the mountain range of the $andes. The work is an existing retort in the Palace of La Paz, in the city of The Hague. This monument it finds in Uspallata, the locality of the Caves. The cracin of the same is born from an initiative of the Association of Christian Mothers, that of the hand of Angela Oliveira Caesar de Costa conceived the brilliant idea to locate a statue in the Chilean Argentine limit, that did not allow to forget the value us La Paz between the towns. Mrs. Oliveira had a brother who had been sent to the zone of the warlike conflict, since the war were practically imminent. Its friendship with Argentine Julio Rock, that was the president of the country at that time, facilitated much the managements and there the plan began to collect bottoms and materials for the creation of this work of art. The election of the place is not capricious, since where is located the statue were the exact place by which general Jose of San Martin crossed part of the army from the $andes to the control of the general the Heras.

To transfer the statue was not simple thing, because their gigantic size t of weight adds more than 350. The pedestal to support to resemblance mass was developed by mendocino engineer Civit. The same is of than 6 ms of height, reinforced more with steel laminated and constructed in concrete, in order to support to forts ruling winds. More than 1200 km by train they crossed the bronze pieces, those that soon were raised on the back of mule, to be assembled in its definitive place, to more than 3800 ms of height. The statue of the Redeeming Christ is another reason to spend the vacations in Mendoza, and more to know incredible places. Source: Note of Press sent by jorgeguinazu.