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Search Personnel In The Construction Industry

Posted by Carlota on December 18, 2015 with Comments Closed
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In addition, the very nature of the construction business “from project to project” leads to what is often at the end of the project, many experts are “irrelevant” or significantly lose in revenue. The problem of finding qualified personnel exist at many construction sites. The most scarce and in demand professions in the building include bricklayers, concrete workers, plumbers utilities, engineers and vet estimate and contract departments, planners, designers, and such specialists as handlers of plastic pipes, which are quite rare in its specificity. According to recruitment agencies, today in the construction industry is a shortage of qualified superintendents. As is known, the foreman is a key figure on a building site. In fact, he combines the functions of workers and managers, as it coordinates the entire process and ensures interaction frames on your site. Specificity of the profession is that the superintendent may not have the profile of construction education, but this is offset by the presence of practical experience. Today, only a fifth of all superintendents have an appropriate certificate, which must be taken into consideration personnel services. Improving the quality requirements of the construction leads to an increase need for highly qualified engineers. Development of new territories leads the growing demand for professionals in the field of engineering systems. One of the most urgent tasks of the construction industry is recruiting security management for the construction industry. The most popular items is a project manager who today must have a university building, as well as a degree in economics, because it is not simply direct the construction project, but also optimizes the production process.