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Brazilian Association

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For the first time the Home Office (Ministry of the Government) and the police came to dialogue with the Latin American community The Church of St. Peter was filled and people didn’t want to leave after 4 hours of meeting The Home Office showed his respect for the Latino community and listened to it. Contemplates solving several cases and not continue arrests/raids in what remains of this year Several police chiefs claimed that their orders are to hunt down criminals and not undocumented Revealed new law that would allow the illegal and irregular stay in UK if they marry resident or national UK or EU Peruvian lawyer Miguel Boris told the Home Office that shot left them backfire and that judges have ordered that they must now recognize the undocumented when they consume marriages with British. Liberal Councillor reported that the recent Convention of his party has agreed to ask for an amnesty for all those who live more than 10 years in the UK All attendees came out very pleased the Assembly yesterday He has given many advances to the Latin American community in the UK, the same which brings together between half a million and a million people. For the first time the Home Office and the police agreed to engage in dialogue with our community. The Colombian master Gloria Gomez and the Brazilian lawyer Vitoria Nabas who explained the problems of that collectivity. luz Lopez was table and translator. Carlos of the Brazilian Association (ABRAS) questioned them to the Home Office by treat Latinos as animals.

According to him the latinos pay taxes but have no rights. In recent years doctors not let many latinos register (even those who have passports of EU). Many latinos are deported without the right to v9lver with their belongings and even their passport or be able to withdraw their money from banks.

Spanish General Budgets

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And now we are in a concrete situation. WHAT THERE IS TO DO Logically, if until now the construction threw of the economy, it seems that there would be to look for some other that threw. This other could be: The outer sector. That is, we increase our exports. At Parnassus Equity you will find additional information. To where? To the emergent economies, that are throwing smoke (China, India, for example) To Europe or the United States. Reason why they say, we we know to export Europe and the United States, who are not now for throwing rockets. and we exported worse to China, India, etc., surely because our prices or the quality of our products or the quality of our service are not the best ones. In addition, the dollar is undervalued with respect to the Euro, which means that we can buy cheap in the USA and we sell to them expensive.

The 28 of February were put to 1,52 $ by Euro. Like, in addition, the Chinese have decided that its currency goes beaten to the dollar, with them passes the same to us. (Rent Corporation are profiteer the good prices in the USA and have bought a building of offices in Broadway. I believe that Amancio Grouse also has bought buildings that way.) (and, taking advantage of any bridge, all Spanish who boasts goes from purchases to New York.) In addition, if the emergent countries continue emerging, they buy many raw materials and much petroleum and this aid to that the prices stay stops. (V. SOFT COMMODITIES IN THE CENTER BODY OF THE DICTIONARY.) Good, since the State helps. But it is that the European States do not have a buoyant fiscal situation, with the exception of Spain, can spoil that it if it continues inventing cost commitments that there is who says that they clear the Populist. In addition, the Spanish General Budgets for 2008 were based on very optimistic forecasts of growth and inflation.