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Unique Taste

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Fruit – When to add cream slices of fresh and canned fruits Ingredients: cream of low-calorie, cream custard, fruit, canned (peaches, pineapple, blueberry, strawberry, cherry, apricot) fruit, berries or Fresh bananas if desired. Caramel. – Composition of the herbal cream, condensed milk boiled, walnuts, chocolate chips, you can add the prunes, apricots and raisins. Yogurt. – When the cream is added to yogurt and fresh fruit (Lemon, cherry, peach, passion fruit, green apple, pear, orange, raspberry, melon, blueberry, strawberry, blueberry, currant, wild berry). Frequently Morgan Stanley has said that publicly. Cottage cheese and sour cream.

– Exceptional taste gives vanilla cottage cheese and sour cream are added slices of pineapple and apple. The cake has no cloying sweetness, very affectionate and love to children and adults. Chocolate. – On request you can make chocolate is not only creamy cake component, but also the biscuit. Possibly cooking scrumptious cakes on the basis of a mousse "Three chocolate" cheese and mascarpone Philadelphia. Souffle – When a thin layer of sponge cake is spread a thick layer of mouth-watering souffle prepared on the basis of different fillers 'Cheese', 'Sour', 'Cheese', 'Cottage cheese and fruit', 'bird's milk'.

Stunning juicy taste the cake makes the finest prosloechka pear strawberry or cherry jam with whole berries, which placed on a sponge cake, sprinkled with crushed walnuts, hazelnuts, and the top layer of cream with the tenderest of air finely chopped fresh fruits and berries. Marzipan cake – a cake of successful people. The structure includes marzipan chopped walnuts and powdered sugar, which gives the cake a subtle spicy flavor. Moscow confectionery offer a huge selection of cakes to order. In addition to wedding cake, and a wide range of children, anniversary cakes placed in the photo catalog, "Sv-General" is taken for making a wedding cake for a banquet of any design, invented by you. To order a cake you can send a picture of cake missing on the site, and we will make the wedding cake of your drawing. For example, when ordering a cake, you can choose not only the design but also its constituent parts, ie creams, biscuits, fruit desserts, caramel, chocolate or vanilla fillings. To have been able to order a cake, a favorite with you, candy house, consider and agree on the whole range of tastes. Confectionery House "Sv-general" are always happy to help if you choose a wedding cake in order to unique Italian recipes using natural, healthy products.

Russian Academy

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In the language of heraldry the Holy Cross Tatiana means belonging to science, to scientific work, and does not contain any religious orientation. Historically, the badges were issued in two forms: ceremonial and frachnye (from the word tails). Ceremonial worn on ceremonial occasions, frachnye much smaller intended for everyday wear. Badges "Master of Science," "PhD" and "Dr." inscribed on the reverse side is engraved: surname, initials; Dissertation Council, which defended the scientist, WAC or WAC Soviet Russia, number degree or PhD PhD; list of names, and brand inspection state assay control. Badges are made of 925 silver, the symbol "Dr." is made of gilded silver. On special order badges can be made of gold. Badges are issued in two forms: ceremonial and frachnye.

Dimensions parade: 55h25mm size frachnyh characters: 32h15mm. Read the description and look photo badges available at our web site. In addition to the badges, "MSc", "PHD", and "Dr." Company "Petroglyph" makes for a number of research staff badges, lapel badges and medals. For researchers, dissertations abroad, produce the badges of the same diamond-shaped, but without the emblem of Russia (see the signs at this link: breastplate). On request Russian Academy of Natural Sciences we have made the badges: "Academic RAE", "correspondent member of the RAE", "RAE Professor." Signs are made of silver-gilt 925proby. The company "Petroglyph" makes annually for the past six years by order of the Russian Academy of Sciences Award sets medals and badges, "Academy of Sciences Award" for young scientists and students for their achievements for the year. Award medals and badges made of gilded brass, in a case of mahogany. In describing the sets of "Laureate of the Academy of Sciences" can be found at this link: Award medal.

Of the other works for the scientists can distinguish Award Medal Tomsk Polytechnic University for the 'Honorary Member of the TPU'; 'Professor Emeritus TPU ";" For Services to the TPU. " Constantly take orders and produce badges and medals on the anniversary of the Institute, the anniversary of the department, an anniversary issue, … Order badges for the conference you may have. The company "Petroglyph" honored to run registered orders for manufacturing of the signs, because we believe that this revival of the tradition raises status of the scientist. These badges should be the subject of family pride, no less than the orders, medals, and other distinctions in other areas of manifestation of high achievements of the human person.