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Meanwhile one, two or three wizard jumped around the house and whenever the dolientes neglected the wizards entered the house to try to remove the dead, which did not obtain. The dead removes from the place and it took to the cemetery. There the provided priest of a hat with horines blessed the deceased, who was buried underneath a pile of straw. dolientes that remained in the cemetery, remained slept, to remove to blows or kicks to the unfortunate deceased. The game finalizes with moans of the dolientes and howls of the dogs that notice of I throw after the wizards have left with hers. Minga minga was a custom say to emphasize the time, because it reflected the disposition of the men of the place to help its resemblances in works such as: destonque, deschampe, sowing, earthing-up, etc. The owner of house asked for the aid of several neighbors to carry out in a day a certain work.

The assistant was paid with abundant food and came; but, in addition, the days were changed, that is to say, had to be helped mutually. Exceptionally, when minga was destronque, the owner of house prepared a dance for the mingueros, as a form to finish off the work and to thank for his neighbors. Fisca was called fisca to a twig divided in four equal strips in one of its ends, which were separated of others by means of a wedge. She was used in extraction of sprocket wheels, crabs, pancoras, jaivas, etc., to certain depth of the sea. Generally, the fisqueadores used the canoe (wood dug with boat form) to realise this activity. The fishing to the kitchen boy and with corrals first was realised with certain frequency and consisted of hide-and-seek the boat of a certain place to catch with strip of cloth certain preferred fish, especially the mountain range. That one constituted the favorite fish of the villagers and the one of greater abundance at the time. On the other hand, the fishing with corrals consisted of catching the fish with walls of stone or wood, those that locked up a determined place of the beach.

The stone corrals were raised, generally, in the coasts bathed by the open sea. On the contrary, in the bay the twig corrals were constructed, those that were maintained by firm called wood bases metrenquen. The pejerreyes, seas bass and sometimes mountain ranges were the fish that most frequently catched themselves in the stone corrals as much as of twigs. The products of the fishing happened to comprise of the feeding of villager or sold by money or changed by other products that lacked in the house. The curantos Generally, once finished the activity of marisca, the families get ready to prepares traditional curanto to cook in better form the extracted seafood. The owner of house with their children majors came to make an Earth hole or to clean previously already done. Soon they loaded curanto with firewood and stones and set fire to him. one hour or burned incessantly the firewood more, until the stones acquired a reddish color. When this happened everything was ready to cook products. Once scattered stones a circle with branches around them was constructed. Later the firmest seafood like clams, snails were placed, soon added themselves cholgas, culenes and navajuelas; also the Popes, vegetables, fish, milcaos and chapaleles. All this covered with pangues and champas. Curanto was ready after one hour or a little more baking Original author and source of article

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The reagents are those compound substances or that is added to bring about a chemical reaction in experiments executed in laboratories. You can find a good amount of different reagents, among them the transfeccin reagents. If you are going to realise experiments that demand reagents, then a little must inquire previously reading the investigations realised on this subject. In addition, it is important that it understands the basic principles of chemistry and you rule of operation within a chemistry laboratory, before you come to work with the reagents in his experiments. For example, you must include/understand the concept of a chemical reaction thus to avoid the use of great amounts of reagents, which has the capacity to cause poisoning to him instead of to cause the reaction that you wished in his experiment.

If you understand all the procedures, there will be more opportunities of than she can talk back his experiment using reactive. Looking for Reactive Through Internet he can be companies dedicated on sale of reagents. When you wish to realise a scientific experiment, before she must make sure the type of reagent that needs. The majority of the reagents is spelled in the same way, thus it is that it cercirese to buy those that by then need to avoid any type of fault in the experiment due to an erroneous purchase in compounds or ingredients. As example of composed of reagents is the isoproplico alcohol, which is a secondary alcohol that dissolves compound nonpolar. Including the Formula of the Reagent When you go to carry out an investigation in the laboratory using reactive with the purpose of to cause a reaction, it must be certainly are reactive substances of degree, which are controlled by many nations to guarantee that the end item is pure and it does not contain additives.

As guide for the experiment, it reads some medical magazines that contain deep studies that show how really the reagents act. Experiments in Chemical Laboratories the scientists and chemicals have used the reagents to bring about reactions in the different mixtures from substances and thus to obtain different aims. For example, diverse classes of reagents are used in experiments in laboratories giving like result the creation of fabrics, plastics and additives for many products. Buying Reactive in line Before being decided by an enzyme supplier, you must analyze the cultural class of cells and conditions so that thus she has the capacity to know with exactitude the class reagent that she requires to realise the experiment correctly. He realises comparisons of the different reagents and their manufacturers so that she obtains indeed what you require, since all the reagents do not tolerate in all class of cell. He visits manufacturers and suppliers of these types of equipment, click here: kit of elisa.