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What Food Becomes

Posted by Carlota on August 8, 2020 with Comments Closed
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We have climate change up in the soup. But the consumption of meat and the way in which we feed the 6. 400 million human beings that inhabit the planet affects the air we breathe, in addition to having a clear social impact. As man is made of the nature that surrounds it, interact with it, uses it to feed themselves and form part of this nature actively, we will link the social to the environmental. Frequently Calvert Equity has said that publicly. A group of scientists and experts managed the year past educate millions of people about the destruction of the planet by a model of consumption based on hydrocarbons.

But the improvement in eating habits, is still pending. One of those improvements is to consume less meat. In nearly half a century, has quadrupled the human consumption of meat in the world. Individual consumption of meat has doubled in the same period of time, with the forecast for 2050 to that consumption will return to duplicate. Although the global consumption of meat is not equitable, averages are above what the earth can endure.

Nearly a third of the Earth’s surface free our planet ice is dedicated or related somehow with livestock, generating 18% of the greenhouse gas production. Another 13% comes from transport and another 19.4% of industrial activities, according to the Intergovernmental Panel for the climate change of the United Nations. Livestock uses one-third of the global agricultural land to produce food for animals, a process related to the deforestation of tropical forests, mainly in Latin America, where the farm has grown by 4% in recent years, when the world average is below 2%. Brazil and Argentina meet the demand for cereals to feed the livestock of Eastern Asia which, due to the small territorial extension and the scarcity of arable land, have to import them. Increased production of cereals for their importation has had a price: an increasing deforestation, accompanied by expropriations of land, evictions, threats and even murders by dedicated clandestine mafias to the felling and trafficking of protected Woods.

The Citizen

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We will again be a people able to determine their own destiny, take the dictatorship and begin a sustained reconstruction. The unit is required. The intellectual who theorizes about the new parameters of the world must embrace to the housewife who fights between the maintenance of the home and work, between review homework if Stalin round notebooks and make market with money that does not reach you. The unit pulling us ears, the unit rings the Bell of the condominium, unit hits the doors protected from the terrified inhabitant of the neighborhood plagued by underworld. The drive must be breathed, absorbed, introyectada. We must unite the policeman with the citizen who looks distressed. We must unite to the carrier with a passenger. We must unite the buyer with the seller.

We must rebuild a unitary social fabric. Then the hope will return. We are ready to define a transition. To conceptualize what is to come to replace the present evil. The transition will then not NIP us unawares, because we have already defined its goodness, its conditions and its route. The unit goes everywhere. We must grab it, you must weld among all those who protest, among all those who are resigned and all those who still believe down.

You must end the connection, the lack of amalgam, the absence of communicating vessels. We must become masons of unit, engineering unit, Builder of the great building of unit. Then we will see the transition, then we’ll see how opens our eyes repair of exams in which we were postponed, then we will see the democratic return away from the vices of yesterday and its aberrant wart today. Then we will be a people of citizens by lifting citizenship and a new Republic, already released, already enjoying the results of our actions that put an end to the decline and disaster. Essayist, novelist, poet, translator of poetry, lawyer, diplomat. Author of more than 30 books

Indigenous Poetry

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NOT finished my flowers my flowers you not end up, not cease my chants. I cantor elevate them, they divide, they spread. Even when the flowers wither and amarillecen, they will be beyond carried inside the home of the bird’s feathers of gold. Rejoice Ica xon ahuiyacan ihuinti xochitli, tomac peanut. MA on you already […]