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Standing Commission

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The Congress elected for the period 2006-2010 can display as balance to the story 70% its links with military. Why said in his time who pilloried not call list if they not verified Quorum. On March 14, 2010 not remade the Senate nor the House of representatives with new blood that vitalizara our nation; make a full transfusion to our democracy is not achievement. Do not vote programaticamente I get time to do individual follow-up to the management of the elect. In this reason we propose a follow-up action programme legislative address essential issues.

n problem of alternative communication – momentum of popular origin supported organizations of communicators and alternative media, which regulates budgetary investment for the impulse of media recomunicacion alternative and community. Agrarian problems (agrarian radical reform) Follow fundamental elements into account: – poor and middle peasants Cooperativization – increase of productive forces through the modernization. -Clearing of the uncultivated land and improvement with direct investment of roubles from the national budget. Problems of ethnic minorities. -Consolidation of common unitary productive projects – impulse as community businesses for economic consolidation of the ethnic groups. -Respect of territoriality and indigenous authority above monopoly interests. -Creation of the Standing Commission for indigenous issues, afrodecendientes, and pueblo ROM. Problems of the State autonomy (reform of the law on privatisation) – consolidation of State ownership in the fundamental lines of the economy (communications, electricity, water and basic sanitation, subsurface, education, health, defence of sovereignty, economic and military independence.) -Construction development and consolidation of citizen empowerment, expressed in the administrative and financial decentralization of localities and regions; accompanying communities of their particular problems. Problems of democratic policy reform (deepening of the mechanisms of participatory popular action and budget decision) – reform of the law of democratic participation – creating timelines and financing mechanisms that give life and dynamics to social control and the veedors citizen.