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Workout Tips

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Ate does not allow the premises or the season, never mind come up with any exciting mobile game, 10-15 minutes is enough. Make sure that the children are not strongly pushed each other and do not give a strong offend the weak. Create an original atmosphere of friendliness and team, not gangs. Learn more on the subject from Penguin Random House. Proceed to the workout. We start with the top down: the neck, shoulders, elbows, hands, fingers, pelvis, hip, knee and ankle. Mozes victor konig may find this interesting as well. Monitors the quality performance of all movements.

Explain that it is better smaller, but correctly. Now you can switch to an easy stretch. Do not try to put children on the cord, causing them to groan and remember Mom. A good workout and outdoor games have already done the muscles and ligaments flexible, you can only watch correctness of execution. Pay attention to children on their bended knees and posture during the execution of twine, fix their mistakes.

A very large role played by competition in the group. So words such as: "Victor fellow, yet a little bit and it will stretch like Van Dam, "or" Masha graceful as a gymnast Alina Kabaeva "Pay attention to your own performance and cheer the rest of watching these kids for the better execution of exercises. If a child deserves the praise, always praise him, the children are very fond of. Now we can climb. Make sure that the belay arbors were dressed correctly. Now explain what hooks, that they were given, it is necessary to twist, otherwise they tend to unfold when climbing.

Run-in With Multiple Attackers

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Skirmish in hand fight with multiple attackers is a bad street situation. Here we should consider 4 momenta.Eto: 1. situation or the immediate environment 2. Attacker factor 3. Elementary strategy. 1. For prevent a surprise attack when you're dealing with neskolkimim hitters, namely Peripherals vision is very important because in this situation, you must have the widest possible use obzor.Effektivnoe peripheral vision among other things reduces Slap zone (that is all that is behind you and what you therefore can not see). You can not effectively resist the attack, if you do not see it.

So must be constantly move your blind spot, to get the maximum obzor.Drugimi words constantly moving, tumble, twist top, whatever, just not to miss an attack from the back or the flank, so as not to be the enemy a fixed target. Another factor in the immediate environment is the presence of certain physical objects. Slippery surface under your feet or not, you're in open space or you pushed to the wall, is there a side near the sidewalk corner of the house or any other obstacle. Wall, for example, can be both an advantage and opasnostyu.Ona can protect your blind spot, but it also prevent you from escaping, or perform any reception. If you know how to use it is your advantage.

If not, the wall would be the worst enemy as strongly restrict your movement. 2. Here we should consider napadayuschih.Skolko them? How they are made? Do they have weapons? How they are vulnerable? All these issues must be considered before you decide to take a particular course of action. All items listed odinakavo important. Your ability to survive in direct proportion to the number of agressorov.Deystviya against two attackers relatively simpler than to three. How to fold these people? Maybe you're lucky and you will have a choice, with some of the enemy to start.